These Kavanaugh calendar pillows would look great in your beach house, writes Seattle artist

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Considering what allegedly took place in that month, that pillow will come nowhere near my nonexistent beach house.


Are they stain resistant? You know, beer, vomit, etc?


i know Bb is against the current copyright laws, but love them or hate them, they are still the law of the land. so, that being said, what’s the copyright status of those calendars. kavenaugh (beyond any other evidence) wrote all those entries himself, and he could justifiably consider them his own work of art. and how did this guy get images of them that are high enough resolution to enable this kind of reproduction, anyway? if the money were going to some fund for sexual assault victims, i’d probably feel differently about them.


Perfect for those hard to shop for friends like Squi, PJ, and Donkey Dong Doug!



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MTV Presents!


I’m guessing Northwestern Mutual isn’t going to be happy with this.

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Just because an item enters into public record as evidence in court does not mean it has no copyright.

A personal calendar, with comments and thoughts and expressions, is going to be automatically covered by copyright.

If this pillow isn’t licensed through Brett Kavanaugh or his legal representative, then he could come after the creator and get a cut. Either way you’ll end up paying Kavanaugh for this shit.

DISCLAIMER: IANAL, but I am willing to play one for comedic purposes.


I’d order one, but I can’t see though my privileged tears

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Hands up everyone who checked that June 1st, 1982 really was a Tuesday.


Copyright is a non-issue here. Use for parody and criticism is protected under some pretty well established law, even for profit. Failing even that, there’s a very strong First Amendment argument here. These calendars are part of the Congressional Record and have significant value in public discourse. And BB advocates Fair Use… which is the law of the land, as is all judge-made law in the Anglo-American tradition.


They actually look pretty cool, esp. as I was afraid they’d have pictures of Kavanaugh himself. EEEEeewwwwww!!!

well, i think you’re reaching on some of those, but Fair Use in general… meh, ok.

When you’ve officially crossed the line from famous, to infamous.

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Kinda like flammable vs. inflammable



Getting sued by Brett Kavanagh on the basis of copyright violation would be an absolutely wonderful gift to the world of satirical art that these pillows inhabit. Imagine the publicity.


this is true!

Someone is going to use these to try to silence their next victim…
…because they’re aspiring to a seat on the Supreme Court.

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