Someone buys and creates a site for sexual assault survivors


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Hm. I can’t seem to be able to find a Brett Kavanaugh halloween costume for sale anywhere.


I do hope Judge Rapey McRapeface has been informed.


I saw this on Huffpost…I think this is absolutely brilliant.


Black robes and a beer hat (or a beer bong) . Easy to do


Brett is really getting a good Kavanaughing.


Stick that in your Santorum, Brett.


Supreme Court Rules Against Watchdog Group in Domain Dispute


Two Kavanaugh thoughts: 1: he is a lot of conservative men. Teen demons, quietly buried, and fury for any who name the dead. 2: the confirmation process completely reconciled conservatism with Trumpism, just in time.


I think that this will be less memorable when many of the 2018 mid-terms for whatever reason end up going to the SCOTUS and we see Kavanaugh’s term really begin to begin.




Yup, this is halfway there. Now, should the robe say Delta Kappa Epsilon on the back, or just have the Greek letters?


I was thinking more of a strap-on.


Almost as good:


So… My first reaction to this is wondering if he’s got legal standing to seize the domain?

I don’t think so, right? There’s no business interests for his name, the site is not for-profit, not intentionally misrepresenting themselves as him.

I don’t recall any legal precedent where registering a public figure’s name for parody or commentary was found not to be fair use, and required surrendering the domain.


Any old privileged preppy frat boy drunk outfit will do. They usually come with “friend” costumes with names like Squeak, Fat Donny, Harpo, etc.


If you do the above, don’t forget to have your dong out and waving in the faces (and other bits) of people who aren’t interested. You know, for authenticity.

(no actually do not do that. Very Bad Idea.)


(no actually do not do that. Very Bad Idea.)

That’s why I earlier suggested a strap-on. :wink:


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