These mini cinder blocks let you build your own desk gear


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You can put your 1:12-scale model of a trailer home on four of these!


Each one of those cost about the same as a full size cinder block.


And I thought Lego blocks were expensive!


Going to be a toss-up as to which is the most painful, dropping one of those then standing on it, or stubbing your toe on a full-size block!


I saw silicone molds to make these online years ago. It looked kinda fun.


homeopathic construction?


If someone could get the price down to like 20 cents apiece …these would be a classic toy like legos or lincoln logs…

the raw materials are cheap enough, it’d be finding a way to produce those little guys cheap enough.


Perfect for you MAGA coworker. “Here you go, Tom. Now you can finally build your imaginary little wall.”


Meh. Build 'em out of legos turned upside down. Spray with gray. No mortar required. Miniscule price.


And your 1:12 scale model car. Just need some 1:12 scale 55 gallon drums and some dixie flags to make the tableau complete…


And the car could be the General Lee.


It’s hilarious and depressing to read some of BB’s old articles excoriating overpriced, useless kitsch objects, and then look at current BoingBoingStore posts.


Bulk legos I imagine are cheaper, but in the kit form they’re about a dime a piece.


I looked at the mini materials site, and they have a set with a scale barrel, k rail, and bricks. They’ll also sell you the silicone mold to make your own cinder blocks.


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Ah, now I just need a 1:12 scale cement plant and mixer trucks. Soon my mini-construction labor empire will be complete!


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