Slightly bigger LEGO Death Star


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How does it have Leia’s cell block and the reactor for Obi-Wan to shut down…AND the Emperor’s Throne Room and Luke dressed for the final RoTJ battle? Which Death Star is this?


The slightly bigger one.


Well, to be fair we’re not sure both death stars didn’t have that room :slight_smile:

I absolutely want one of those things now. Here’s the problem though. If I get THAT, then I can’t really argue about getting some other fan-favourite lego sets, right? Then, the next thing I know, I have a lego room in my house.


Hmm…I wonder how big a Lego Death Star would have to be to properly scale to minifigs.

I’ll be back. I’m going to go try to math.


OK. Average person is 1.7m. Death Star 1 (depending on source) is 140km in diameter. Minifig is 4cm.

So the Lego Death Star should be 3294 meters in diameter (which means nothing to me as an American) or about 2 miles.

Wow. That’s a lot of Lego bricks.

edit Maths corrected


I love that this math give me a better sense of the Death Star 1’s scale than the original dimensions.


Oh, they did try to cram it all in, didn’t they?


This makes no sense. This isn’t the Death Star. It isn’t even the Death Potato. I want a proper to-scale Death Star. What would it be, about 100 feet across?

Woops, I was way off, thanks @SenorSchaffer


A noticeable lack of bottomless pits


I know, right? For me, Star wars architecture (well, really empire architecture) embodies two things: Bottomless pits, and no railings.


Looks like the Emperor’s throne room has a railing. That should stop him from falling to his dea…oooh wait!


No need, WIRED has you covered:

According to their estimates the cost of the pieces alone would be about $10 trillion at current market value.


But will it keep out immigrants?


Feel free to check my math. I’m not a very smart fella.


I wish you told me that BEFORE I HAD TO THINK!!! :unamused:


That’s no Death Star.

That’s a Death Star.


In all seriousness I searched for the canteen … and then I realized that was all in Eddie Izzard’s mind.


And to think, just this weekend I told my mum that I didn’t have any plans for the money I’d saved up…


At that price, my Lego Alderaan is safe.