These Portuguese grape pickers work the vineyards in the nude

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I wonder if those grapes will be used for a Blush wine.


My I suggest a brand name of HineyBird, sure to be a success!


Gardening in the nude sounds painful. Even fully clothed, I get scratches all over when I’m in the garden (well not all over, but anywhere exposed, and that’s why…clothes).


I’m not letting any body parts dangle around that many people with clippers.


Especially grape-shaped ones.

Donald Glover Reaction GIF


I hope you will be pleased and/or relieved that the RatsClan and our vineyard employees do not do this.


These people are real ‘grape nuts’.


Saw a movie about something like this. It’s so they don’t steal the grapes.


Wait… it was illegal before? :open_mouth:

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Why they wear hats, yet not protect the more sensitive areas of their bodies seems strange, but who knows?

Apparently it’s above 86°F there. Plus whatever the humidity may be making it feel like. That’s hot enough that heat stroke begins to be a risk, and hats are very useful for that - I live in a hot, humid, sunny place, and the difference in comfort between a bare head and a straw hat is huge.


Some limited exceptions such as when being born/birthed. :baby_symbol:

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Well, how… limiting.
This is a good development.



Lots of countries have law about minimum coverage in public, or in places that are in view of someone who is in public. If they didn’t, there would be no way to prosecute indecent exposure. The consequence is that to declare a beach clothing optional also requires a law at the same jurisdiction level as the indecent exposure law. In most states in Australia, local councils can declare a beach clothing optional, but there has to be a law at state level giving councils the right to do so. And there’s some sort of legal wrinkle I don’t understand for beaches in National Parks, where national legislation complicates stuff.

Edited to add:

Ah. I think I missed your point. The quote seems to suggest that prior to legalisation, it was wasn’t even legal to have a naturist club on private property in Portugal. I don’t know the legal situation in Portugal, but if true, that would indeed be surprising.

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I think they are all rebels just for kicks. BTW, can anyone suggest a good wine to go with sunburn?

Seems like I’ve been mispronouncing shiraz for years.
In Portugal its pronounced show-yer-ass.

Sunburn can cause melanoma, a type of skin cancer, and alcohol is a carcinogen. I think any alcoholic wine will go with sunburn.

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That was my point, yes. It’s the false equivalence that naturism in itself is equal to indecent exposure which is against the law or that it’s sexual. UK law (England & Wales) is reasonably clear on this but there still seems to be some subjective grey areas over what it means to feel ‘outraged’.

Past erroneous allegations that have been made include:

  1. Outraging Public Decency - committing in public any act of a lewd, obscene or disgusting nature. The reaction must be more than mere ‘shock’ or even ‘disgust’, it must be that decent members of the public feel ‘outraged’.

Naturism is non-sexual. Sexual activity is inappropriate &/or illegal in
public spaces.