These pre-destroyed sneakers are only $1425/pair

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I can kind of see some skill in the staple placement to keep them from falling apart completely, though that doesn’t make it any less stupid…

I mean, they’re at least artfully destroyed.

Compared to my destroyed shoes, they don’t look like they’ve ever been tromped through sand dunes, river bottoms, scorching pavement or anything.


Conspicuous consumption should always be mocked as distasteful


Absolutely zero hindrance in design/marketing departments everywhere.


But . . . I don’t see it in the bOING bOING store. I am DISAPPOINTED.

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Sold out? I have some old sneakers I’d be willing to part with for half that.


I can’t wait to cash in on my stockpile of jeans with the crotches worn out.

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Not sad that they are sold out, as I was going for these anyway. My monthly old-age security should just about cover it.

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” The con man’s mantra. Often attributed to P.T. Barnum, but never verified.

Personally, I don’t like this distressed -look fashion trend. Wearing out your own well-made new clothes is a very green thing to do. This instead of tossing away stuff all the time. How long do those torn up jeans last? We used to fade our new jeans with a little bleach when we bought them. But real blue jeans were meant for work and were so stiff when new you could stand them up in a corner. Even with constant wear they would last a decade, But I don’t get the appeal of pre-ripped clothes. What’s the statement?

As a kid my shoes literally pulled off my feet by an escalator. When they were retrieved by the maintenance guy, they looked something like this.

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