These two books are guiding my vegetable garden

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I look forward to updates on how it turns out.

My herb containers never germinated last year, so I’m putting potatoes in them this year.

I have an allotment myself, up there for two hours a day minimum. (Not all work, you understand).

I have containers too, but one of my neighbours up there had the greatest trick I have seen for lettuce. On the ground, as you know, they’re prone to slugs, so he took four lengths of guttering, fixed them to the sunny side of his shed like a set of shelves, and planted his lettuce in rows in them. Each gutter would have holes drilled in the bottom, lined with permeable membrane to let the water drip down to the lower plants but stopping the dirt. I thought this was just gentle genius.


I love it. Smith makes some recos on good combinations for keeping pests away, sharing pots and looking pretty.

I must have the exact opposite problem from you. I don’t exactly live in a sandy area. In fact, it’s heavy clay and mud etc. Carrots, parsnips, other root veg tend to split on stones or just get choked in the heaviness of the soil. So this year I’ve got (rescued) six great big containers (30ish litres) for those veg. Half soil, quarter sand and quarter compost, give or take. Will let you know results.

Also, quick question. You mentioned artichokes. Are you growing Globe or Jerusalem?

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This is a good guide. It even has good info if you grown in the ground also.

Great idea. I have a fence where this would work well. Thanks for the tip!

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