They have started making these cool little Moleskine business card holders again

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I wonder how well that would work as a wallet. Probably disintegrate pretty quickly, especially with as much crap as I carry.

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Need to set up a BBBc or Boing Boing Buyers club.
I want so many of the things shared here and on Cool Tools.
Or am I a soft touch?


It might work id you keep just a few cards and some folding money.

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What is Moleskine for except pointless ostentation?

Looks big at 4.5 inches wide. A business card holder should be smaller than a smartphone.

Subtle pretentiousness, duh.

I do like a thread bound notebook of good paper in a handy format, though.


I actually have used the green one as a wallet for years. I get a new one every 18 months.

The trick is not to use the inner accordion for frequently used cards, place them between the flap and accordion front, strap it in. The nonaccordian part will last forever.

By cards I mean debit cards, Id not biz cards

Personally, I prefer the metal ones. They are like $5 on Amazon, but I’ve seen them at Daiso Japan for like $2. They look really neat too.

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