They Might be Giants meets Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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One of Apollo 18’s many charms was the notation on the liner notes that the album was “specially designed to enhance the shuffle feature on your CD player” (or some such); Fingertip was in 21 different tracks, so these would get slotted in between the songs if you did shuffle… the shuffle.


Did They Might Be Giants Predict The Force Awakens In 1992?


I can’t believe how well some of those work out. And I’ve known “Fingertips” since, like, 95. Never would have occurred to me.

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Love TMBG. ‘Flood’ was my real ‘discovery’ album of them at the tail end of college, though I remembered ‘Hotel Detective’ from MTV before that.

I was really enjoying that mash-up movie, until “I’m having a heart attack”.

Still not ready to process that. :cry:


Apollo 18 was the first CD I ever bought for myself. In addition to the shuffle friendliness, I remember being amazed by there being a negative countdown before the final track, Space Suit.

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Not only is Apollo 18 my favorite TMBG record, the whole Fingertips suite is amazingly funny to me. I have shuffled it before and it works every time. A lot of humor in that whole piece.


This effect is only magnified now on my MP3 player, which contains dozens of albums, including Apollo 18, which means a ‘Fingertips’ interlude could pop up at any time between any songs on the entire device…


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