They promised us a debate over TPP, then they signed it without any debate

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More Corporate Welfare for the 1%, thanks, that made my day.


The real welfare queens.


Promises, promises.

The real question is - what did you promise them you would do in this eventuality?


I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. :frowning:


Roger That!

The people that made and supported TPP are scumbags. No one should respect the TPP treaty at all.


Is there actually a way to stop this treaty?


there is a govmnt. department for that…

Are you making any plans to emigrate?

There are tons of things to get outraged about over the TPP. This isn’t one of them. They signed the TPP but they didn’t approve the TPP. Signing just means that countries now have 24 months to approve the TPP. AFAICT, signing the deal actually makes rejecting the deal easier: the 24 month clock now starts – opposition can now kill the deal by stalling the approval process rather than requiring an explicit rejection.


I’d still be stuck on the planet so it wouldn’t help me much :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully this’ll end up being quashed before it becomes an actual problem >.<

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I promised I would feel the Bern.


I was asking if you were making plans to emigrate from this planet. But emigrating to a non-signatory country would still prevent being directly affected by the TPP.

I hope so also, but whether or not it does all depends upon what people actually do.

Hahah. Fair enough. Leaving the planet is still pretty out there, so it didn’t cross my mind. Leaving to a country not currently in on the bill would technically be an option yes, but if this were to go through i expect it would have global consequences honestly. :frowning:

Hopefully another uprising like what happened with SOPA will happen here. The potential here for a huge mess across these 12 countries is slightly terrifying… but as has been mentioned it’s not too late. I’m not american so i can’t exactly join in a protest there, but i’ll do what I can from where I am, i suppose.


“no one really wants to do it until after the Presidential election, because people running for President don’t want to reveal that they’re happy to sell out the public’s interest to support a legacy business lobbyist agenda.”

At least one candidate has come out against the TPP. Okay, well, precisely one candidate has come out against it.


I think we demonstrated our frustrations pretty effectively in Auckland during the signing. The crowd had a very strong Māori presence, as I guess they’ve plenty of experience of a Treaty gone bad and are naturally reluctant to have another affecting national sovereignty signed in their name …

That’s enough people to grind Central Auckland to a standstill and I’m in there somewhere. I don’t know how many, but The Standard reckons up to 20, 000. Which is a pretty good turn out for a population of 4.5million spread out across an area bigger than the UK …


Because third world countries are never affected by first world corporations…


There is no “because” to relate this to my comment. People who I speak with are generally more willing to concede to being affected by corporations, rather than consider what individuals can do to directly impact how they do business. It’s risky as hell, but “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Also, I do not subscribe to the “three worlds” models, I think they are not accurate.