They said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's message wouldn't play in the midwest, now she and Bernie are headed to Kansas

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Here’s hoping. Perhaps it will provide a basis for a future book called “What’s Right With Kansas?”


As a 30+ year former resident of Wichita, good luck with that. Sincerely.

ETA: I might add…my stepmom lives there currently. Unemployed at 69, healthcare is going to be important.


I wish them luck. I left my home state a few years ago because jobs were scarce in Wichita. It’ll be a hard won battle if they can do it.


I believe they will realize its the only way out for them. After all, just look - the wealthy and corporations in Kansas are not on hard times. Why is everybody else?



We have our nukes pointed at all the wrong places.


No, no we do not.

Progressives have to fight tooth and nail in every district across this nation. A national battle - a national message. We can no longer pick and choose where we might win. We have to take the message / fight to them. The small donors will be there in support. We have to steamroll a progressive American message everywhere. After all, we’re not only fighting regressive republicans and literal fascists but the establishment right-wing dems as well. The message will cut through. Sure, we might lose some places but we will win others and seeds will be planted.


It’s more than mildly infuriating that establishment Dems still haven’t caught on that nobody likes hearing candidates talking about complex regulatory schemes to triangulate their way into marginal improvements that will be felt in a few years’ time if you file the right forms and intentionally keep yourself in the poorhouse to benefit from the means-tested program they’re setting up and if you’ll just look at this 80-slide Powerpoint deck…


Speaking of which, Lieberman savaged her yesterday. It would hurt, if anybody cared.


Or that many of them still don’t realise it’s not the year 1992 anymore, when that kind of thing had a chance of working.

I’m amazed Joementum (who’s less of a Dem than Bernie is) can speak for more than a minute in 2018 before being laughed out of a room. But I note in the link that his “concerns” were published in the media Bedlam known as the WSJ op-ed page.


And I believe that this is the only thing that matters. Russian collusion, Trump lies, EPA, everything: at this point, it’s all distraction because the people who are hurting don’t care. It’s a waste of time to pay any attention at all. Let Trump pad his wallet: for people with no healthcare, shitty job prospects, and no bright future for their kids, it just doesn’t matter. And if it doesn’t matter to them, it’s a waste of time to pay attention. To me, it’s ugly, but it’s only ugly.

Unless someone has a convincing story about how they will actually address the things that are hurting people, instead of just being against whatever the other guys say, many people will be happy to play “let’s stick it to 'em!” and just re-elect Trump. I do not blame them one bit. The dems are failing to communicate any message at all. The reps aren’t saying anything at all, because they don’t have to.

What’s the modern version of Clinton’s “it’s the economy, stupid”?


Lieberman’s treachery would hurt, if anybody could see it behind the WSJ paywall.
I know folks in Kansas. They are ready for this.


You can take the WSJ URL and check for it, or ask it to archive the page. Honestly I’m not sure why that works, but it has worked the last two times I wanted to see the WSJ.


So, the Trump employee, the guy who was Betsy DeVos’s warm up act for her nominations dislikes Ocasio-Cortz?
I think Lieberman’s disparagement of someone counts as an endorsement for a lot of people.


Note that Joe Crowley is still on the ballot despite the party he’s “representing” has not only told him they don’t want him as their candidate, they don’t want him in New York.

And capital, in the form of the Wall Street Journal, is happy to endorse the Working Families Party, or at least its candidate. (Note paywall that i have no easy way to see past.) (Also note that this is the OpEd that @Boundegar’s link links to.)


The one i linked (before i noticed it was the already mentioned Lieberman screed) seems to be non-paywalled.

Yeah, don’t give up on us. It’s not like people in places like Texas and Kansas are all complacent. I can’t speak for Kansas but here it’s basically stacked against us but we’re fighting anyway. Trust me, we make good allies.


Right wing tyrants insist they have Jesus on their side, and that the socialists are all atheists. So take a wild guess how Kansans would vote under that propaganda?


I spent 4 years in Topeka, I wish them luck but fuck that place is a hellhole.

Heck, even the zip codes start with 666.