Things I miss: Dr. Shrinker


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That is one of those theme songs that occasionally pops into my head. That had to be about 40 years ago. The human brain is weird and amazing.


I like the PAN TO: Mini Me.

That show seemed to go with this


I never saw that one as when I was younger, but oh I remember Wonderbug, Bigfoot and Wildboy, Electrawoman, The Lost Saucer and The Far Out Space Nuts.


Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, absolutely believable to me that two journalists would shirk work to fight people in funny clothes with barely working tech. Wonder why?


I think they must have shopped at Radio Shack


Gotta have a hobby?


Saturday morning, in ski pajamas, eating sugar crisps.


exhibit A— super hot babes in an electra car!


exhibit B - a full episode.

you cannot tell me the Krofft brothers had not found a way to get hot babes in skimpy clothing to subvert every teen boy in the USA


Things I Miss: Billy Barty


Fighting all evil deeds.


He knows which finger holds the power to control the world.


This was hands-down my favorite Saturday morning TV show, I fantasized for years on the adventures I could have if only I were able to shrink down and discover cracks in the wall were now huge caverns.


Krofft Super Show . . . why don’t I remember this? I mean, I’ve heard the name, but none of the segments ring a bell.

(Consults Wikipedia.) I would have been 15 or 16, but still slouched around on Saturday mornings.

Anyway, looking at the clip and the stills above, this seems more like a parody of a Krofft show than an actual show, making it even more awesome!


It was a lame rehash of this show, which came out 8 years earlier.


oh SNAP! i had forgotten about the far out space nuts. “Breakfast?..Check. Lunch. Launch?!” and off they went!


Amazing; Jay Robinson played Caligula in The Robe, and starred opposite Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature. Later screwed up his life with drugs and two prison sentences, then pulled out of a disastrous career nose-dive with the help of Betty Davis!


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