This 13-year old Jarvis Cocker tune is vying for a Christmas number one in England this year

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Haunting closing credits for “Children of Men”. CASRTW.

Well, Google insists on showing me porn videos when I type in ‘cunts UK’.


How can I help make this happen?

Spotify seems like a good starting place

No; don’t do that.

Great song; great sentiment, but

Rather than vacuous political posturing, how about helping this one, which is in aid of food banks?

I expect Jarvis would say the same.

My thoughts, in order:

-Wow, still a great song
-And still true
-Holy shit that was 13 years ago?!

Good luck you fools, you’re up against the unstoppable power of SAUSAGE ROLLS!

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And the result:

Ladbaby’s sausage rolls take the christmas no.1, with Jarvis at no.48.

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