This 1862 mousetrap was a miniature cannon that blew mice to smithereens

The pamphlet that comes with the device has hilarious drawings of heaps of dead mice being hauled away by hawks, foxes, and other animals. It presents as though this is an automat for scavengers. In practice, I find that chickens and peafowl are not above making the illustrations a reality for the one inside my barn but I’d not want to use it anywhere without a flock of feathered trash compactors.

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Echoing @Surprise_Puma’s note, there’s a way of mounting it vertically so that the mouse falls out and is hopefully carried off by scavengers. Obviously (or hopefully?), that could only work for outdoor use. Even if scavengers don’t take them, they’d be easy to shovel away from the trap without touching.

For indoor use, there are some great traps with no or minimal handling…but you really need to check them every day. I had great luck at my old place with Tomcat press and set traps (both mouse and rat). For both versions, you can grab the back of the trap and squeeze to open it without ever having to touch the vermin.

The rat ones are nice in that they have a removable bait cup. The smaller mouse traps were harder to clean. However, definitely get the size you need for the pest. Before I knew this, I tried using the rat trap for mice. It’s too big, leading me to catch one’s leg instead of killing it. I let it go and it ran off, but it had obviously suffered and damaged the trap trying to escape before I checked the traps in the morning.

I’m sure this was an early prototype by the firm ACME, Wile E Coyote’s go-to hardware shop.

Though I use an electronic rodent machine that hopefully is not a cruel death, I applaud the home land mine benefits of this.
What could go wrong? #WCGW


Fast obliteration is preferred, but if you want drama along with humaneness, blasting is the way to go!

A relative had a roller trap for mice. That does seem awful!

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There is no kill like overkill.

That sounds like a job for a very accurate pellet gun and a soup pot.


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