This 2015 Facebook/Instagram post was 'earliest evidence' of Russia's attack, says Mueller report

The part that makes it so outrageous isn’t that a hostile foreign power would try to manipulate our elections.

The part that makes it outrageous is that they did so with the tacit approval and even the VOCAL ENCOURAGEMENT of one of the United States’ two major political parties.


I don’t mean to be a nitpicker but how come this “2015 post” is datelined 2016?

They were referring to 2 different events.

Not surprised at all. My parents generation believes literally anything on the internet that has a webpage. That’s what makes inaction on this propagandized bullshit so dangerous.

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Ya what an intellectual argument. Because the US and other countries committed atrocities, congratulations other countries you get a free pass on committing your own. What a way to raise the bar, right folks?

Yeah, those stupid [broad age range] people. They are just like that.

They’re not as literate about the ways of the world as the [different broad age range] folks.


I beg to differ, Gen X and Millennials are more able to vet information, especially on the internet. Why do you think Trump is pouring millions of dollars into websites that put propagandized websites directly onto Facebook? To target baby boomers. Why bother trying to appeal to other generations when you’re able to con a voting block with relative ease?

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It’s probably because they were vaccinated against confirmation bias.

(before the recent anti-vax movement sprang up, of course)

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So you’re using the anti vaccination peeps to back up your argument?, you know they’re made of more than just millennials though right? I also haven’t heard too many millennials shout that immigrants and poor people are too blame for their situation in life, so there’s that too.

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