This $6 headlamp is very useful for a variety of tasks

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I love headlamps. I have this one and it works great for a $6 headlamp (I think I payed $9). But… when you’re using it in actually dark situations where you need to see well, you’ll be jealous of your friends who spent a bit more on their lamps.
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Also, if you plan to use it more than once a year, let me tell you the strappings are bound to become frustrating.

I suggest getting a second-hand Petzl. Preferably the Tikka 2xp. It’s not as cheap, but it’s very well designed. Fun fact: the older ones (mine is pre-2005) had a much brighter red led. All newer ones are feeble in comparison. I even sent a new one back, thinking it was broken. They replaced it, but the difference remains.

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I made teh mistake of buying this once. It’s super uncomfortable and due to it’s design, it wants to slide off your head.


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