This 61-year-old potato farmer won an ultramarathon in 1983


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I wouldn’t discount potato farmers unless you’ve spent a few October days digging up a half acre of spuds.


Why is this going up today? The is the November 21st episode.


This was an AWESOME episode. Highly recommended.


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I remember Cliffie Young. That year during the school cross-country run, we were all trying to win it with the Cliff Young Shuffle. But I think you only develop that style after years of running in gumboots.


Ahh Cliffie. And his shuffle. Straya!


Oh, they mean he was already 61 years old when he won the race.


I was the cook for Cliff on a run from Swan Hill, on the Victorian/NSW border to Mebourne which was 337Km. He was in his mid-70’s by then. Wonderful guy. . boy! did he have an eye for the ladies, though! The masseur for Cliff and the other two runners on this charity fund-raising run (the ‘40-Hour Famine’ charity run) was a gorgeous blonde woman in her mid-30’s and Cliff was using all his charm (and telling her how rich he was, because his Mum had died and the farm was worth a lot of money). . Such a funny guy. . He was such a skinny, scrawny guy too. He NEVER ran in shorts, but instead wore thin nylon material tracksuit pants in which he had hacked holes about 3" diameter, with a pair of scissors. He also ran that particular event wearing an old white shirt. . . just your standard type business shirt, because he had run out of sponsor-supplied t-shirts by then. His favourite thing to eat on the run (remember, i was the cook for the whole crew and runners) was mashed potato and pumkin, with LOTS of pepper in it.
Cliff and I corresponded for a few years until he died. . he really disliked all organised religions, but did whatever he could for worthwhile and charitable organisations.
A real character and I miss him.

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