This 70-year-old cartoon made a hell of an argument for single-payer healthcare


I also pointed that out to the dude, with the point that the only way to keep companies providing healthcare in that scanario would be force, and the GOP loves that kind of regulation, right?


whoa whoa whoa, vaccines, preventative care and environmental regulations??? what is this? communist-rest-of-the-first-world?


Not to draw on stereotypes here, but I know a couple of gay derby girls that would be more than happy to show anyone with that mindset that “female” and “gay” are not equivalent to “weak”… (including one who went to a derby match when she really should have been reporting to the hospital, then went, and was hospitalized for a week, after the match of course).


Did you opine loudly that this “gentleman”'s son should die because if you can get taken out by exposure to a lowly peanut…

Or did you have the tiniest inkling of class, empathy, and logical thought?


I was going to send a link to this to family members, one of whom I’m pretty sure is a Trump supporter BUT a big Chuck Jones fan, but after watching it again, I’m pretty sure he’d find something sinister about a “public health officer” and blood tests.

P.S. I am so fucking angry this evening. This “fuck older people” thing in the GOP’s new health insurance bill is going to directly effect my semi-retirement / career change thing.

Damnit, damnit, damnit.


Well, I am getting the tiniest inkling of what a classy, empathetic logical thinker you are.


The correlate therefore means your opposition is emasculate. Language and gender…


I always keep coming back to the generations. Its Baby Boomers. Overall as a generation, they have caused more harm than anyone else. They are the most selfish and self interested generation I’ve ever seen. And unfortunately with any generation there is spill-over. So many older GenXers are in the exact same mindset as Baby Boomers. And some of the younger Silent/Mature Generation who are also known as War Babies (my Dad is one) are absolutely just like baby Boomers.

The “me” generation. Self righteous and self-centered.


This cartoon doesn’t make the argument for single-payer healthcare at all. This is all about public health, the cleaning up of pollution and general environmental risks along with keeping records about people’s immunization and general health issues. The three cents a day is about their public health office, not about the actual health care also discussed in the piece.

At the end it talks about a triangle – the family, the doctor and the health officer – but it only funds the role of the health officer. It says that the family needs to do its job with exercise and eating properly, and that they need to go to the doctor for early detection and treatment.

But it doesn’t fund that doctor’s visit or treatment, or advocate for a system that funds visits to the doctor or health care treatment. It simply assumes that that white family wearing nice suits and dresses can afford it on their own, and should do so.

There is actually no argument for single-payer health care in the piece, just for public health departments. It stops well short of funding anything but mild environmental cleanup, public health education, and immunization and disease record keeping.


Just to add to what has been said

I know that there are trans women who were in the SAS. Does anyone want to try calling them weak?

Lesbians are considered to be deviant in the far right mindset because they refuse to be weak women “as nature intended”. A friend studied this as part of the history of medicine, which meant she had to look at 19th century pseudoscience such as this as well. She could tell you more, but she’s busy and basically it comes down to Anglo-Saxon heterosexual cis men being the pinnacle of evolution.


“I’d faceplam that so fucking hard right now, but I don’t think my insurance covers stupidity-induced-self-inflicted forehead wounds. Thanks for that.”


This is a such a strangely persistent one among those “reasons for immediate dismissal” strategies that you listed. Stated simply, anything that has to be explained in anything more than extremely simple terms is subject to immediate suspicion. This is definitely tied in with misogynist ideas of “you talk too much, woman” vs the tough stoic Hemmingway style, so is coded female. I tend to overexplain use plenty of details, and get foot-notey when I talk, and this has definitely led to stink-eye from men. I think it also ties into suspicion of academics, and the idea that they ar trying to swindle you, by talking past you, or over your head, or “trick you.” Trump is proclaimed as the “plain speaker” and his supporters seem to love that the only two adjectives he uses are three letter words (big and bad.)

I would like to think that re-branding “maturity” as acknowledging/exploring/understanding the long-term consequences of decisions could be an effective countermeasure, as the masculine/feminine dichotomy ties to an adult/child dichotomy as well. Something that focuses on the immaturity of myopia and impatience. Of course, without a basic respect for reasonable debate or the importance of supportable truth, it’s far too easy to say “No! it’s youuuu who are selfish and immmature, wanting to help poor people like some kind of child!” Certainly the “young people are left wing, but turn right wing as they mature” trope that gets hauled out is already circulating to counter any efforts to paint left-wing social responsibility as the “mature” approach to government.

I swear we need something like a “grow up and pay your taxes” campaign, or “stop whining and just fund single payer”


Exactly – things that affect future generations are weirdly thought of as “namby pamby poetic nonsense”.
“Hey, instead of passing this law that’ll give you a little money now, why not pass this law that makes sure your kids have a lot more money later on?”


It has less to do with the particular Generation you’re in than simply getting older. As a still liberal baby boomer I think it’s safe to say as one gets older there’s more of the “F you, I got mine” mentality that creeps in. There’s the belief that everything was harder when you were younger and nothing was given to you, yet somehow at the same time society was better.

I work with and/or know a lot of 50 year olds who wouldn’t have attended college if it wasn’t for subsidized state schools and student loan programs. And they want the same things for their kids (cheap college and cheap loans). But it doesn’t stop them from ranting about those people who don’t deserve these things. They’ve reached the point where they feel that unless you’re already solidly middle class, shelling out 30% of your income as taxes, you don’t deserve any assistance since you didn’t pay for it.


Except that they are screaming “I’M BEING LOGICAL!!!” at the end of completely emotion-based arguments.


My disagreement with this is absolutely anectodotal; however, I’ve watched very closely and recall exactly how my parents and others around them in that generation have behaved for the past 30 years. It’s been constantly about themselves and their own gains. With little regard for others.


I’ve had surreal conversations along the lines of:
“Here is a fact, based on data and science.”
“I reject your so-called facts because I know what I believe, and your fake facts feel like lies!”
“But they aren’t lies. They’re scientific facts.”
“Your argument is based on emotions! Haha! I’m the one being logical! So I win!”


The greatest Bugs cartoon of them all.


Don’t forget that “If it’s in the Washington Post or the NY Times, it MUST be a lie”. I get that all the time.


It is known.