This 8-inch granite-coated frying pan is incredibly easy to clean

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Granite? So… I could sharpen my kitchen knife on it?


I have this size and one larger pan for over a year now. Two thumbs up from me. Seem durable enough, though I still use care (scraping only with plastic, silicone, or wood implements). Instructions include need to re-oil occasionally and can confirm that need, lol.

My only real complaint is the handles get slightly loose over time. They don’t seem in any danger of falling off, just a little wiggle now.

And one tiny nit to pick - their lids have a permanent small vent hole. I would prefer if the hole had a plug or rotary closure. But overall I’m happy and would buy again (or more) in future.


Easy to clean, but is it as easy to clean as cast iron??

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Yeah that headline is bullshit. It has a PTFE coating that is made to look like granite.


This uses DURIT Granitec 4-coat (ULTIMATE GRANITEC) which contains PTFE aka Teflon. The Granite name comes from the coloration. Its basically a mixture of ceramic and Teflon coating that hopefully doesn’t flake over time. If you are looking for a Teflon free product this isn’t it. If you are looking for a non-stick product it’s fine.


I remember a long time ago hearing about diamond coated being a possibility. Has that ever come to fruition?

I gave my husband this as a sort-of gag gift a couple of years ago because he was always complaining about my frying pans, and he loves it still. We bought the next size up as well, and both are still just as nice as the day they arrived. Thumbs up! (But I’m still keeping my cast iron…)


This!! Exactly this. Fancy schmancy nonstick can kiss my ass. Well seasoned, slick as snot, jet black cast iron will do anything they can do, and you can use metal implements on it.

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