This barber cuts hair with fire


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I had a hair dresser that switched to torches after being into straight razors for awhile. She got bored easily…


Fire and hairspray? How’s that coming along?


The old trick of making dragonfire at ghost runs, or alike, during children camps. Don’t ask :wink:


I get my hair cut to a triple zero – the hair I have, anyway – but I still go to a traditional barbershop because I like the ritual of it all. But if I had hair, I’d go to a place like that just for the love of the craft. Old men, leather, and styptic.


Groan. Hair is dead. It does not “evolve”.


Soooo, how’s it smell?


Yeah, I was going to say that falls in line with the “shaving makes your hair grow back thicker” myth.


Seriously. Noseplugs, please.


Even if it were alive, it would not evolve. Unless…OMG, what’s my hair doing up there?!


That was my first thought. Ugh, burning sulfur and eggs. That place must smell terrible.


And he’s just so busy.
Busy, busy.
Busy scissors…


Saw some other guy doing this a year ago.

Burnt hair smells horrible.

I am not one to pay more than $20 for a hair cut.


He also does bikini waxing.

That explains your haircut.*

  • Take that, your haircut!


You can’t see it under the helmet anyway.


You’d think a barber would know more about hair…


I can think of a person for whom this would be appropriate.


He aught show this technique to the woman with the gasoline.


common in Turkey isn’t it?


But what about the smell?! Burning hair has a really awful smell. You’d need an exhaust fan over the chair.