This biting coin sold for $10k on eBay


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That’s so damn cool :smiley: Wish it were a thing i could afford.


Someone has a new D&D trap to try out…


Pretty excellent social commentary too - try to take the Mexican coin out of the US coin, get bit.


It takes money to make money.


So the buyer could get bit for a bit more than 2 bitcoins*. Which got me thinking:
Since it does the biting, it’s not a bit coin, rather what’s bit is your finger.
But a bitcoin is coinage made out of bytes that one can’t hold in their fingers.

*At current exchange rates the sale price is 2.85 bitcoins.


How many bits could a bitcoin byte if a bitcoin could bite bits?


I cast my wedding ring out of one of those old gold pesos.

…but I guess this is cool too.


I saw a gif of this on Reddit yesterday but didn’t know what it was until now.


I’ve always wanted to make stuff like this


Bitecoin = present tense bitcoin?


This is one of those rare cases where I don’t think $10,000 is too much money for something that could fit in my pocket.


Ummmm, this is not the kind of coin I would want in my pocket.


Some mid-level-clueless at HBO bought it.

Then their boss said, “a BITCOIN, you idiot!”


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