This bunk bed sofa sleeper is a masterpiece of engineering


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Proof that even the best engineers can use a good designer.


Brilliant. Also, I’m busy the day you want me to move that into your third floor walk-up.


Was made by a drecorator.


If I ever decide to inflict a tiny home lifestyle on my family, this is an instabuy.





Can it be motorized with a wrist-bracelet remote? Add some body-straps to that thing and I think Mr Weinstein may want a few delivered to his rehab facility.


This is truly the greatest dang thing since cargo pants, mosquito-net-hats, and the Ronco Pocket Fisherman.
Give it to me NOW!!!
(Yes, I even like the green upholstery.)


came for the double-decker couch reference…leaving satisfied.


If there’s one thing that could solve the housing crisis in the sf bay area it’s this. Just think how many tech bros could be slept in a decent size living room in the Richmond!


MIchael Bay has a role for this on the next Transformers.


I’d bet it weighs a little less than an F-250.


Watching this gives me an Amtrak sleeper car flashback.:laughing:



Dear Mark: If you think that that upholstery is hideous, you have lived an extremely sheltered life. It may be mildly ugly, but it is far, far from the realm of truly hideous sofas.


Wow. Someone got an A+ in their Mechanisms class.


Eh…more hospital bed than prison cot.


Italians are quite good with sofas (the text on the wall is in Italian). A Google search for “divano letto a castello” will show you a lot of similar products (or perhaps the original one, since it is patented).


I was going to do that.