This cat is even grumpier than Grumpy Cat


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Good thing he seems pretty chill. Letting a chupacabra into your house would be pretty risky otherwise.


Loki (also no relation) the naughty dog:


That isn’t grumpy cat. That is angry cat. Hateful, loathing, angry cat.


On the downside, the cat is pretty vulnerable to heavy sunlight. Selective breeding being a cruel mistress there.

On the upside he doesn’t shed all over the place. Yay selective breeding!


Like every dachshund who bemoans the inability to clean themselves down below, that cat screams to the heavens, “Why was I selectively bred this way!”


I don’t care what you all say, he’s adorable.


Aww, this is not Grumpy Cat. It’s Grampa Cat.


Get Off My Lawn Cat


all the personality of a cat, all the pettability of a scrotum


Darth Ailura.


That cat is me.




I’d love a Sphinx that looks like Loki, no chance of him triggering my cat fur allergy. Plus he’d nicely represent my normal early morning mood…


A grumpier cat for grumpier times.


Hey, Palpatine! Some guy called Blofeld send you a package with air holes punched in it…


Hairless cats started to be bred in the 60s, and have nothing to do with ancient Egypt. Poor things can not live without artificial warmth. You know what? To hell with those breeders and those who breed for short nosed animals, They do not have a happy life.


The blissful look on her face, as if she’s thinking she could unleash evil kitty at any time and whup ass that needs whupping.


I see no conflict there.


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