Monty is the new Grumpy Cat: Internet decides cat with facial abnormality is cuteness hero




Grumpy Krogan is not impressed.


He may think he looks grumpy, but I see the corners of that mouth turning up ever so slightly. :slight_smile:


Monty’s got class.

He looks healthier than some Persians or Himalayans I’ve seen.
And with the short legs! What is up with some cat breeders?


Cute overload!

He don’t look a bit grumpy! Studious, maybeeeee…

Thanks for that cat!


Man, fuck “decorative” pet breeders.


I like Monty. I am glad he is the new Grumpy Cat. Now, here’s to hoping he doesn’t sell out like Grumpy Cat.


Ha! That grumpy cat, courting all those agents and lobbyists :smiley:

One of my cats would be internet famous if I could bottle and distribute warm, unconditional, beautiful love. Maybe via an oculus rift…


MDMA, perhaps?


I will only distribute products via cryptocurrency, but I reserve the right to post obnoxious kitty photos.


Just FYI, this isn’t the best way to go about extracting it.


Pleeeeease don’t tempt me into posting animal photos. I am a recovering cute-olic.


The squintier pictures of Monty remind me of contemporary concept car designs with the slanty headlights and aerodynamic front. Sleek.


I love this internet cat, Venus. Talk about a cool cat!


I have a kitty that is so cute he could be professionally cute, but unfortunately he has this weird habit of lashing out without any warning, making his career as a professionally cute cat model probably unlikely.


Somebody should break out the now-remarkably-encheapened genetics testing capabilities on that one, it’d be neat to know if it’s a chimera or just a remarkably unusual coloration.




Absolutely. Crossing a cat and a guinea pig is just wrong.


Really unlikely Venus is a genetic chimera, though her coloring is pretty rare. The split-face coloring is actually really common with tortoiseshell calicoes, but Venus has a really dramatic version with heterochromia of the eyes. You see that kind of heterochromia with other calicoes too, especially Japanese Bobtails, though they tend to have more white. Her owners either haven’t done any genetic testing, or haven’t released the results to the press.
This article has a pretty good explanation of the calico genetics:

Oh, btw, if you like the split-face coloring a lot, consider adopting a tortoiseshell kitten. A lot of time, as kittens, they look kinda weird when they have a dramatic split, but as they grow, they become really pretty. As a kitten, their fur just looks kinda jumbled. My tortie was, er, not-pretty as a kitten. She had a split and these HUGE bat ears and giant eyes. Interesting, but not pretty. She grew up into a really beautiful cat. Because they look so weird when young, they aren’t adopted as quickly as other kittens.


Monty’s got a bit of the Innsmouth look.

I, for one, am all about deep one/cat hybrids.