This cat wants to stay in refrigerator, and will attack anyone trying to remove her

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Want to pick-up move a cat who doesn’t want to be moved? Seventeen outta nineteen veterinarians recommend this trick: gently gather a fold of skin at the nape of the cat’s neck approximating momma cat’s kitten carry. Even old cats (well not ol’ “MrGrumpy”) will go limp, (and then plot revenge for later) [more-you-know rainbow]


She wants that yogurt! Oikos is the good stuff!

I swear, whenever I’m eating yogurt, it turns into a wrestling match with my cat Gremlin who is never patient enough to wait until I’m finished with the container. And she’s a big cat!


the man who removed her suffered bites and scratches.

Not really, looks more lit it was a frustrated or scared.
It a cat really doesn’t want to be picked up, it’d be much worse than that.

The juvenile cat may have “single kitten syndrome” where it doesn’t have a sibling to socialize and wrestle with that would otherwise set limits to its aggression.


My cat, named Pop Tart by my grandson but known to one and all as Fang, loves the refrigerator. Whenever I even look like I might be headed for the kitchen he makes a bee line for it, hoping to jump in as soon as the door opens.


Kitty trying to get in the fridge is a new phenomenon for us. My son’s cat is an extremely opportunistic omnivore, and he’s constantly trying to get in the fridge.


That works much of the time, but if the cat don’t wanna, that will not help. Witness our old lady kitteh who requires sub-q fluids because of kidney failure. She’s calm until the saline starts flowing in, then tries to escape from the needle, regardless of the ‘scruffing grasp’ I have on her neck/shoulders.


I used to have a cat that would happily spend hours in the fridge if we’d let him. Luckily for us he also had an intense phobia of my roommate’s hair dryer.

Of course, occasionally a guest would be compelled to ask why we kept the hair dryer in the fridge.


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