This clever Ant-Man cosplay is a real team effort

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Clever job!

Since this is cosplay thread, and most people don’t see the BBS only Halloween thread, humble brag my kid who will be rocking it at comic con this spring.


excellent, I did miss that you solved the issue about the two-coloured leggings!

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Well my initial idea worked.

I took purple legging and put washable Elmers gel glue in the crotch area, about a 2" strip inside and out at the seam. Then I got a metal ruler, wrapped one leg around it, pined with those large paper clips and rubber bands.

Then I put water in a pot and adjust the water line to line up a the crotch seam. Heated the water and added dye. I had to sit over it for about 30 min, stirring, eventually turning the heat down. I ended up getting two smudges of dye on the purple, and in hind sight should have tried to put some plastic over it (I did put some of the leg part in a bag, but I couldn’t get all of it covered. I also had to hold the ruler at an angle to try to the water line right at the seam. But over all, it worked. 95% job well done.


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