This collapsible cart is built to carry almost 300 pounds to supply all your summer adventures

Originally published at: This collapsible cart is built to carry almost 300 pounds to supply all your summer adventures | Boing Boing

As usual, BoingBoing’s ecommerce vendor has a questionable promotion. First it was a “personal air conditioner” which was really a small swamp cooler.

This is just a straight rip off for the uninformed. I googled the description of the cart and it turns out Walmart has it for $20 less.

So don’t bother with these guys with the “all sales are final” policy. I hope their credit card processor told them that’s not an option of they want to accept credit cards.


Oh, niiiiice.
I’m sick of carts where the wheels won’t turn, or the ones where they really cheap-out and the wheels are only semi-circles.


Ah, but Walmart’s is blue and this one is grey! So if you really need it in grey, you… are actually out of luck because the BB store is sold out, somehow.

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Those are actually quite practical. If you manage to get a decent one.
But as my dad used to say, Bollerwagenkauf ist Vertrauenssache.
There is a lot of overpriced crap out there. This is one of the products I like to check out in person, so to speak, before buying it.
The neighbourhood of €60 for a suitable one sounds about right - unless it’s branded with, say the logo of your FC. Expect a surcharge of some 30% or so.

Does not have wide wheels, so that Summer adventure – if it’s on the sand – will be total drudgery, basically dragging it through the sand (I watch this all the time at the beach). Costco has essentially the same cart but with wider wheels.


Looks like even the linked ones are out of stock. Good going…?

We bought a similar collapsible cart last summer I think it was even the Wirecutter pick, $80 at Amazon) and it’s OK for short trips, but it’s heavy AF! I guess due to the frame. They don’t tell you that part.

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