This cowboy's motorcycle has a sidecar for his horse

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He knows he could just ride the horse, right? Right!?


Idaho, where the horses ride in sidecars, and 25% of children go unvaccinated. :slight_smile:


I think they need bigger belt buckles.


Well I take my dog everywhere, so this makes sense to me.


Those are shields, not belt buckles.


That is a VERY patient horse.


Ah, man…I can’t find the pic, but Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall once hosted the Country Music Awards and wore belt buckles made out of silver tea trays.


If he really wants to impress people, the horse should ride the motorcycle and he should ride in the sidecar.

So many questions:

  • Does the horse wear goggles when they’re on the road? What about a helmet? Are they both registered as organ donors?
  • Has he trained the horse to lean into the turns?
  • Why is he riding a Yamaha Star Venture? I’m pretty sure you lose beaucoup cowboy points for buying an import.
  • The back of that sidecar is open… I don’t think I’d want to be behind them when Cowboy Clem guns it to pass a tractor.

Way back when, the radio station I used to listen to played a parody of “A Cowboy Needs a Horse.” I know these aren’t the exact lyrics, but they’re as close as Google could find:

And a cowboy needs a fridge
To keep his beer nice and cold
And a cowboy needs a microwave oven with automatic timer
If he wants to keep-a-ridin’ along

And a cowboy needs a quadraphonic sound system with dolby unit
And a cowboy needs a Xerox machine and a blender and a jacuzi
And a cowboy needs a Jeep and a Cadillac and a Ferrari
If he wants to keep-a-ridin’ along

And a cowboy needs a ranch with a king sized bed
with his gal on it (if you know what I mean)(heh heh)
And a cowboy needs a pool and a helicopter and some stocks
And a cowboy needs some spurs that jingle jangle jingle
If he wants to keep-a-ridin’ along

And a cowboy needs a cow named Bessy with a big, black spot on the side
And a cowboy needs a whole big brace of quack, quack, quackin’ ducks
And a cowboy needs a GUN!!! k

And a cowboy needs a guitar
And a cowboy needs a cowgirl to doesy-doe with. (get on over here, Andrea)
And a cowboy needs a dog

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After seeing the headline I was expecting a sidecar mounted to a horse. Oh well.

I recently learned that in my home town of Monrovia the horse-drawn streetcar that went up and down the main road here used to have a little trailer in the back so that the horse could ride it downhill after pulling it up the hill, so horses getting rides on vehicles moving down the street is definitely not a new thing:


Yep, there was a wooden trolley car in what is now Englewood, CO (Denver suburb). They have the original trolley car preserved in the public library with a fake horse (NOT the original) standing on the back of the car. I’ve walked up that hill, and it’ll make you huff & puff.

Link to source


Not a lot of political correlation here:


Damn, now I want a motorcycle AND a horse


Re: motorcycle sidecars


This is the way to go.


This is great.

without the picture that title is hard to parse

Never has a pard more truly earned the right to wear his cowboy hat

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You can lead a horse to a sidecar but you can’t make him drink it :tumbler_glass:


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