This custom-fit sleep mask makes for a restful bedtime

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Every mask I ever tried let light in. Hmmmmm.



I read that as budtime and thought this was about a different kind of mask.




I don’t think I’ve ever used one of these that didn’t let light in around my nose.

I assume I have an unusual nose!

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Exactly what is wrong with making sure that your blinds/curtains/whatever exclude all external light, blocking internal light sources (phones on the charge, etc), and then closing your eyes? My bedroom is pretty well totally blacked out and it doesn’t require my wearing of an inconvenient mask. Oh, and if you have an alarm clock, make sure that you cannot possibly see it – if you are a light sleeper it will just make things worse to watch time tick by.

Pssst. There are other things to do in a bedroom where masks like this are useful…

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That’s not always an option when you’re not sleeping in your own bedroom. Like in a hotel. Plus, taking a nap during daytime can help with jetlag.


Thee’s nothing “wrong” with doing it your way. It’s trade-offs.

If you have to get up in the middle of the night, and you’ve sealed off all light sources in the room, you might have to stumble around a bit to let some light back in.

If you wear a mask, you don’t need to futz with the window-shades every night.

But don’t wear one if you don’t like it. It’s just a personal preference. Wear what you like to bed.


Meet the new sleep mask, same as the old sleep mask


Oh, I didn’t see that one.

Now that’s how your write an article title.


I think the people who design these all have low nose bridges.

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This one puts me right out…



Or if you rent where there are rules about window coverings, or…

There are a lot of reasons why “light-proof your whole bedroom” may not be feasible.


during the spring/summer i have to sleep with a sleep mask (and earplugs) or i’m up at the crack of dawn with the birds.

i have owned a variety of sleep masks and i have to say that the manta sleep is 100% legit. it really does shut out a lot of light. i’ve even slept in the sun comfortably wearing these things.

the company itself feels a little scammy on the e-commerce front though. like right after you check out they’re all like “hey, buy another one in the next 9:59 and save 25%” with the big countdown clock going. and almost immediately after releasing their first version, they started selling new eyecups that use memory foam instead of cotton or whatever… ads all over instagram.

Probably the first advert post on BB i’ve genuinely been interested in…

I work 4-9AM and generally sleep early afternoon to about midnight… So some sort of mask is needed.

Have been using the cheap ones provided by the Caledonian sleeper overnight train service, but the elastic is begining to fail a year on :stuck_out_tongue:

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