Light-proof sleep mask, better than a sleep-proof light mask

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I won’t even make it out of the driveway with that thing on… purrrrfect!

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I would love to use a sleep mask, but my eyelashes are very long and I find it really annoying to wear anything over my eyes.

Sleep-proof light mask;


I have an old Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon necktie (don’t ask) in black with prisms and spectra on it. I wrap this twice around my head and tuck the narrow end in. It does the trick and stays on. It still might be worth trying a pro-level sleep mask like this one though.

I’ve also found that turning the light off, even though I can’t see it when masked up, helps make me think it’s time to sleep now, I guess because the picture in my head is of a dark room, or maybe because it’s part of the sleep ritual and puts me on profile for descent, or it’s intentionally letting go of all the things I’d be awake for.

Judging from the above photo, it even looks like you can drive on a sunny day while wearing this mask without fear of circadian rhythm disruption.

I’m not sure. I mean, technically, yes, but wouldn’t the inevitable car accident disrupt a whole lot more than just one’s circadian rhythm?

Personally, I’d think at least a little bit of light leak would be absolutely necessary to wear this safely while driving.


You really should consider trying ear plugs a few more times, see if you can adjust. I’m a light sleeper and find that if I’m in a noisy environment and wear earplugs, my sleep quality is great. A mask would help if it was light out but ear plugs are amazing.

I got this $7 sleepmask from a lady on Etsy and it’s the best one I’ve ever tried. Beautiful textured linen exterior and a sort of shag-terrycloth interior that is soft and comfortable. I love it:

Sleep masks have a use that doesn’t involve sleeping.
I like to wear one while also wearing noise cancelling headphones, and put a rainstorm playlist.
For bonus relaxation, do while laying in a hammock.

It’s basically a form of sensory deprivation that I find extremely relaxing.

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Sleep masks only work for me if they have concave areas for the eye, otherwise the fabric pressing on them drives me crazy.

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As somebody else noted, the ones that have enough shape to have concave spaces over your eyes are comfortable because your eyelashes and eyelids aren’t banging against them, and the ones that are just flat aren’t.

This mask looks similar to the one I got at a travel store for ~$20. It’s pretty comfortable, and works pretty well, though for me the problem is that it also has to fit either over or under the straps from a CPAP mask, so usually there’s light leaking in around the bottom. It’s still enough darkness to be helpful.

Otherwise light will creep around your proboscis and wreak unholy havoc on your melatonin production cycle.

The horror. The horror!

Good to know. I will consider this shapely option.

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