Nap Anywhere head support


Didn’t Dracula have a velvet shoulder pillow to nap on, a bit like this? Hmmm… I tried search on Google, but all I’m finding is weird anime.

This looks neat, but without trying it out I just can’t trust that my head isn’t going to roll forward when my neck muscles go completely limp.

Needs a drool cup.


Buy two and you would look like you just dropped off your Velocicopter at the Airtight Garage for a spot of repairs. You could take a nice nap while you wait.


FYI, I tried to buy one only to discover their website posts your CC info in the clear over http. Tried to supply the cc info via paypal, got a message that the payment type wasn’t accepted. Not necessarily an indication that they’re shady, but pretty weird for a site as dolled up as is.

(For reasons of pedantry: if you go through their buyflow and look at the javascript, the button you hit to trigger transmission of the CC number calls a function, whose ‘saveUrl’ attribute is “”)

TL;DR: Checkout process on their website appears to be insecure.

Edit: Used their contact form to inquire about insecure checkout, no response 24 hours later. Also, if you go to their site footer and try to click on any of the Customer Service links (“Check Order Status”, “Shipping Options”, “Returns and Exchanges”), they’re all dead links, either due to broken javascript or just having no target other than #. Either way, not cool at all.


I would love to look into this product, but $59.00+Tax seems a crazy price point.

Also would double, well triple , as a nice addition for your Zurg and Zorg costumes:




It looks so undignified. I prefer to go with the more sophisticated Ostrich Pillow.


That could be modded from a hoodie.

Oh, you mean like the [hoodie pillow][1]?

Every time I think of some new business idea, I remember that 4 out of 5 new businesses fail. Then I remember that 4 out of 5 new businesses start with ideas much dumber than mine.


I once hurt my neck and had to travel wearing one of those neck support foam thingies. It was my best sleep on a plane ever. It is perfect, since it supports all your neck and chin. You just close your eyes and forget.

If they change the name to the Napster, I’m in.


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