20 of the best deals we were able to find this week

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sleep better through the night with these blue-light-blocking glasses

Sleep better through the night with these glasses?

Something bugs me about this. Maybe I’m just weird, but I sleep with my eyes closed, obviating the need for and frustrating the function of any glasses.

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"This multi-function appliance can […] even slow-cook your favorite food 30% faster than competing brands […] "

Fast slow food, just what I always wanted.


For all those gadgets with super-bright blue power LEDs, I usually use Sharpie and duct tape. :sunglasses:


$130 for an alarm clock–oops, I mean, a single-use alarm clock. That’s very different. Never mind.

I always wanted to know what a $250 bong looks like. OOF.

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BB is definitely trolling at this point. I’m pretty sure that one of the last bits of my anatomy that I want massaged are my eyeballs (probably second only to my other balls…).


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