Protect your eyes from screen fatigue with these blue light blocking glasses

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For $90 or $75, it’s easier and cheaper just to start using electronic devices less.

Walk away.


These models look like the kind of people who think Bestiality WAS socially acceptable in medieval Europe


eliminating harmful rays

So they block X-Rays? Or UV? Oh, just blue.
If this really is a problem for you*, why not turn on the colour tinting that practically every modern device has?

*- and it’s not just an excuse for why you stayed up for hours staring at your phone.

PS, at least boingboing let us comment on their ridiculous product placement.

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I came here to post this and was glad to be beaten to it.



My wife asked her retinologist about blue-blockers for her new reader/screen glasses. The response was “Not medically indicated or necessary but not harmful if it’s something you wanted to do.” As for dealing with screen-generated eyestrain, the usual advice is to take a break every 20 minutes or so and look elsewhere. Also, remember to blink.


Well over half of U.S. adults wear corrective glasses, so these glasses would be useless to them. Why do nearly none of these people market to the largest share of the market, namely people who wear corrective lenses?

Can’t use these.

I use a lot of blue in my art.

Will they make me as happy as the models appear to be in the ads?

No? Well then forget it.

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Same goes for eating salad alone.

Science has debunked blue blocking lenses. Pretty much a scam.

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When I saw the headline for this video debunking blue lenses in my feed, I assumed it was from BoingBoing. Turns out it’s from CBC. I’m starting to think the whole BB shop is just a performance art piece about choice, excess and privilege.


I tried a pair from Prospek as they were cheap on ebay. I noticed a huge difference in just two weeks. I didn’t feel run down that I normally do after working 50 hours. It was money well spent, and my co-worker also tried a similar pair and he noticed a difference, highly recommended,

As others have said, blue light is not bad for your eyes in any way. This is not just advertising puffery, this is a lie.

Wear yellow-tinted glasses if you like looking at a yellow-tinted world. Don’t if you do not. The end.

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