Here are 39 of the best July 4th deals to help keep some money in your wallet

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Buy nothing, save 100% !


We’re at the midway point of 2020. So…how’s the year going for you so far?

Well, it was a little better before you showed up, Obscenely-Long-In-Blog-View Ad.


Nothing says 2020 better than an advertisement selling the Loc-Nar.



On an actual on-topic note for the Boing Boing Store posts, I wish I’d seen that ring light a couple weeks ago, before I bought some “vlogger lights” from Amazon.

Here’s a note to everyone speaking on Zoom meetings: Lighting Matters. Half of my team looks like Gollum, lurking in the shadows. The other half are lit by random sources, like room lights, desk lamps, screen glow, back lit by windows, etc. Even when they have enough light the colors are generally awful, having first bounced off of beige walls.

As I’m normally ugly as a troll even in the daylight, I’m not one for staring at myself in the mirror, so I hadn’t noticed it before. But one day I had my magnetic LED bar flashlight/worklight charging on my desk and I turned it on, and wow! my image improved so much I couldn’t believe it. Being a worklight (I bought it to fix plumbing under my sink) the colors were slightly off, but it made all the difference. So I bought a pair of bi-color “vlogger” lights, tuned the colors so I didn’t look gray, and dang, did the video improve!

If you want to improve your Zoom image, I highly recommend spending a few minutes on fixing your lighting. If you have a lighted makeup mirror, try that (adjusting the colors if you can.) If you can’t make it work with your existing home lamps, that ring light looks like a great, cheap-enough solution that will provide a flat, even lighting source. As a bonus, that ring light is cheaper than even one of those vlogger lights I bought.


Exactly. Going to have to rest my scrolling finger, now.

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Dear BoingBoing, ATTN. moderators
BB Shop is spamming your blog!

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I feel like my thumb got an actual workout swiping.

That big white ball brought memories…

“I am not a number! I am a free man!”


I’m increasingly finding it ironic that I first learned the term “crapware vendor” from BoingBoing…


I also thought of Rover straightaway.

Be seeing you!

SilverplusTech Washable Cloth Face Mask: 3-Pack - $27.99; originally $39.95

The two-layer, durable cloth face mask employs Silverplus technology, containing a biocide for hygiene and freshness based on silver chloride that prevents the growth of everything from bacteria and harmful pathogens to unpleasant odors and even staining and discoloration. Stay safe out there!

Isn’t silver chloride the woo being pitched by our modern day snake oil salesmen, or am I thinking of something else?

Even if I’m thinking of something else, that sure reads like woo.

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