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Why, may I ask, are you using <marquee> tags?


Was wondering the same thing, since the scrolling titles don’t contribute to readability.

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Yes, I was motivated to comment for exactly the same reason. The sliding titles are EXTREMELY annoying.

I know that they don’t bug some people, but I’m one of those people who use a browser extension to disable animated GIFs and flash by default on web pages. I find that when there’s something animated moving or sliding or blinking around anywhere in my field of vision on the page, it makes reading text VERY difficult. People who don’t have this problem don’t understand, and don’t even seem to believe that it could be a problem. (“I just ignore it!” I’ve been told many times.) But to read the rest of the page, I have to resize the browser or scroll the page so that the animated bit is not visible to me.

Please, please, please, if you have a web page that’s for text, or text and images, do not embed animation directly into it. Embedded movies are fine; we push play when we want to see them. But standard parts of the text that are flashing or blinking or animated are just gratuitous distractions, and really do make the page extremely difficult to read for a minority of people.


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