This desert getaway is made of shipping containers radiating in every direction


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Watch out for stormtroopers.


So just CGI as yet, then.


And no CGI road access, apparently.


I would totally [fill in crazy, impossible, illegal act] to live in that home.


Are they planning to run utilities to it, or just use moisture vaporators and pop over to Tosche Station to pick up power converters?


The more steeply oriented containers will be amazing for the leg muscles. I hope they put netting across the lower edges so that dropped items won’t fall on the heads of those in the lower spaces.

BTW, “Every” direction? Infinitely fewer than that!


In the end, it probably will just be made from scratch out of steel to look like it was made out of shipping containers. The engineering will be easier. It will be easier to get a decent height space with the proper amount of insulation. They would need 6" of closed cell spray foam to get enough insulation. If it’s on the inside it eats up valuable interior space and if it’s on the outside no one can tell it’s a container.


What could possibly go wrong? It’s a rendering by an architect, after all.


How about “build”?


It could get constructed?

That happens when people are too quick to dismiss certain architects who have a deep understanding of winning awards, and an even deeper misconception that buildings are actually just an atypically large genre of sculpture.


Frustrating. Wish news sources would stop reporting on things that don’t exist yet, as if they already existed. It’s not news until they build it and prove it can work.


And none of them downward from the centre, so not even meeting a loose definition of ‘every’.


And doesn’t it fit in nicely with its environment?


Joshua Tree is one of the truly great natural wonders of the southwest. Let’s just leave it alone.


Does the pattern continue underground?


So it has chairs for citrus fruit?

When I lived in a desert-adjoining region I thought that a good addition for a home would be to build a freestanding second roof above above the main structure - like a covered picnic area (pavilion) in a park, with a wide and open air gap between the primary and secondary roofs.

That way the house would rarely be in direct sunlight and wouldn’t experience the “solar oven” effect. I always liked the idea of a desert house that was either wholly or partially subterranean, or built into the side of a hill, too.


Thank you. 'Shipping containers would be great for affordable housing" is one of my pet-peeves.
Answer: 'No they bloody wouldn’t, virtually everything is wrong with shipping containers in regards to the needs of housing.


Hopefully the people who bury them at any depth, as their survival bunker, are outside when the roof and sides buckle.


That freestanding second roof is called a ramada.


Painting it white is a great idea! That way the metal sheets won’t get hot in the desert sun.