This disturbing potato chip commercial suppressed my appetite

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Reminds me a bit of this Emerald Nuts ad with Robert Goulet.


Apparently the ad team watched the “Evil Dead” movies too many times.


Hmmm, almost lunchtime.

The Eagle Snacks brand was from the late 80’s/early 90’s and was Anheuser-Busch’s attempt to diversify - it did not go well for them, and they sold it pretty quickly.

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Not as disturbing as those Burger King ads with that creepy mask (multiple links in the article):


The ad may be considered benign to late-night, Big Gulp-swilling, marathoning hackers who like chips.

Anyone who usually swigs either a pack of dry pasta or a bottle of olive oil and is looking for a kinder medium, really. [Paris Hilton: “The Taliban’s price for free trade and a plural economy with China was all in the packaging.”]


I used to have a neighbor who was freaked out by this guy:
This potato chip ad is on an entirely different level, though.
Glad I never saw it while tripping… as a purely conjectural scenario, you see.

I may never eat another potato chip again

Doug Jones? A shame. Evidently he’s quite a pleasant person, and I suppose that would be an asset for the hours he spends in a makeup chair.

[checks earpiece]

Oh, the moon guy? Yeah, that’s straight up nightmare fuel. :grimacing:


He thought so. Didn’t bother me much, but then, clowns don’t bother me much, either.

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