This dog thinks it’s a bobble head


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Maybe it’s just wagging it’s tail real hard.


What an adorable degenerative neurological disorder. jk


Now I understand why they’re scrapping Vine.

A Goose + Sting = One Great Vine

I am thinking there is a hand on its back wiggling it back and forth. Notice they only show part of the dog.


No, they hollowed him out and put a hand inside. Kind of like a Jack-o-Lantern.


I knew I was doing something wrong with my jack-o’-lanterns!


Maybe its a cat in a dog suit!


That dog has a great sense of humor.


Solar-powered dogs now?!? These green energy people are getting out of control!


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was someone under the table shaking the dog.


Dog is just humping the table leg…


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