This dress is an homage to Perseverance's Dare Mighty Things umbrella

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the code reads “Dare Mighty Things”.

May the Math be with you.


Absolutely awesome. Unfortunately I don’t have the legs for that cut. May I could get some parachute pants in the same design?


I thought it was referencing the search for Martian life, “Dere might be things”.


Might not be socially wise to do slow turns around the skirt wearer trying to collect all the binary code, regardless

(“particularly around ring #1”)

I love that she has made all sizes the same price and is offering a broad range of sizes. This is another pernicious way that fashion and retail discriminates.

“For all (hu)mankind.”


Apparently there are already knock-offs of this dress being sold, so caveat emptor.

Y’know, that image made me think of some of the fashions worn by Beth in The Queen’s Gambit (the video series, not the book).

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Almost all sizes. Dads wanting to encourage 8 year old girls to Dare Mighty Things are sadly left out in the cold.


It’s not nearly as distinctive, but they do have a t-shirt of the same pattern.

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Buy it now before it disappears, then let her grow into it?

Buy it, cut the top bodice away from the skirt part, use the skirt for a poncho, or cape, or strapless maxi sundress, then let her grow into it?

This here is sorta along the lines of what I’m talking about:

You can also roll the waist (top edge of the homemade skirt) a bit, to take up some extra inches, if the maxi sundress application is still too long. Try rolling it around an ACE bandage for some traction, instead of using elastic.

I realize that rolling the waist defeats some of the skirt’s printed message, but this thing is unlikely to have a long availability window. The cut and color use being offered here is timeless enough, it’s not a bad thing to have around for future.

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