This educational video shows a leech sucking someone’s blood out

If they’re in rotation and not used for months, why make them purge their blood? Presumably they’ll need to be given blood during that downtime anyway?

The sucked blood is preserved in the body of the leech with the help of special intestinal bacteria, after which the leech does not have to take any more food for up to a year. Which is kind of inconvenient when your leech should be “working” again soon…


Talking about leeches and “dick moves” in the same sentence does not bring back any fond memories of childhood skinny dipping adventures.

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Maybe not even in rotation now. Here is an explanation from a local site selling medicinal leeches.

"For anyone experienced in leech therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us about purchasing leeches.

Please note the following guidelines must be met:

Leeches are not to be used more than once. Although a number of establishments and hospitals disgorge blood from leeches to use again on the same patient, particularly during the hibernation season when leeches are in short supply, we do not advise this practice as a leech cannot be fully disgorged, resulting in old blood remaining in the leeches stomach."




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