This exercise has helped with my forward head tilt

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video link for BBS:


I kept expecting the exercise to turn into wall angels, but they never came. Oh well.

Relatedish: This one’s got some good old-timey posture exercises:

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I like this variation,recommended by my chiropractor and massage therapist; on the floor with a foam roller running the length of the spine and tuck the chin in so (hopefully) your entire spine is in contact with the roller. Extend the arms, and let gravity stretch the pecs (which is part of the problem with rounded shoulders; it’s not just poking the neck forward that’s the issue). They recommend holding this posture for at least 3 minutes. Longer if you can.


One of my pet peeves is car headrests, which are angled in such a way that my head juts forward uncomfortably. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be adjustable (except vertically), although I could swear older headrests (or maybe certain makes?) used to let you adjust them to tilt forward or backward.


Holy crud. I just tried this and it was very painful. Then, after about 10 seconds there were a couple of pops in my chest and ribs, and the pain went away. I couldn’t stay in the position for more that 40 seconds, but by jove I feel straighter already!

Thank you!


Just listen to your mum once in a while and sit up straight. And no slouching about!


Upright Health is fantastic and their youtube channel has led me on a multi-year project to improve my own posture and mobility. While their approach gave me good initial results, I found that I was hitting a wall in terms of my improvement. What finally made a difference for me was Conor Harris’s channel (conorharris on YT) which is based on the work of the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI). Highly recommend anyone who has hit a wall in their own posture work also check it out.


You’re welcome! I find that it can take a couple of minutes for my muscles to relax so that my hands can actually touch the floor, a bit more for the elbows, so the guy in the video is already limber.

At about 50 seconds, muscles in the back ping and relax and I find everything lowers again.

My massage therapist said that if you can hold it until your arms start to go numb, that’s good. And I find that the biceps as well as the pecs are shortened and contribute to everything pulling forward.


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