This fresh, romantic take on Solitaire will have you hooked

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How is the tutorial? Would my 9 year old pick it up?

So I remember playing this kind of solitaire in Fairy Solitaire, and I just remembered about spider Solitaire. So is the recency part of this game interesting?

Windows XP?

Giant Bomb has a video peek at this game. They quite liked it:


This looks identical in gameplay to Fairway Solitaire:

On a similar note, they have Regency for 2.99:

I haven’t played this solitaire game, but when I was 9 I played Myst, Civilization 2, and Sim City 2000. Your 9 year old will probably be fine :smile:

“Regency” in the game’s title is a pretty strong clue that it is not at all Victorian. Her Majesty was on the throne for a good long time, but not the entirety of the 19th century.

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Hi there, Dev here. I programmed the original desktop version of Fairway Solitaire in 2007 as a contractor for Big Fish Games. I worked with their excellent designer, John Cutter, and a great artist called Matt Laverty. The basic mechanics have been copied many times over the years and Big Fish Games has even made a more recent free to play version of the game on mobile.

Regency Solitaire is a completely new engine and it expands upon Fairway’s mechanics and metagame, adds in cool new powerups and of course has a meticulously researched Regency theme and story. I hope you like it!

One more thing, if you buy direct from us at you are supporting a husband and wife indie team to make more games. Thanks!


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