This Frida Kahlo-themed comic explains the importance of representation

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One of the things that makes Kahlo’s self-portraits so powerful is she obviously doesn’t give a damn what the viewer thinks of her. It’s wonderful that message is being passed on.


Yeah, that’s exactly what a nine-year-old girl would be thinking after seeing a Kahlo self-portrait.

“Thanks, mom! Now take me to that hair removal clinic so I can fit in and not be bullied like a freak because you couldn’t be bothered to teach me how to tweeze my unibrow.”

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Right. Dog forbid that the nine-year-old girl is capable of having a moment of acceptance, that maybe beauty as defined by others doesn’t necessarily have to be the beauty that she is.

Does your comic strip end with the young woman becoming an expert in tweezing?


Cutting, more like.


I wasn’t saying that the little girl isn’t going to get a realization that women can rock a mono-brow. But this comic strip is like that viral video last year of a dad giving his daughter an ice cold doll kept in the freezer because she asked for a “Frozen doll.” It’s dad joke levels of lameness.

Taking your daughter to a museum to see a Frida Kahlo painting instead of a hair removal clinic? Yeah, it’s a comic written by a dude. In real life, the young woman becomes an expert in tweezing.

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Clearly a shill for Big Laser.


No one wants to hear your harsh reality over the feel good ideal that people can do what ever they want and be themselves and not worry what other people think.

For society to change the comic would need to expose the flaws of each of the bullies and get them to realize that everyone has differences and something they don’t like about themselves and no one should be singled out.

Though the other message you may have missed is that she may still get teased, but she is fine with being how she is. Finding someone like you can make you feel more normal and you begin to accept yourself.

Also, pro tip from someone who has a partial unibrow, wear glasses that have something covering up between your eye brows.


It’s all ok, as long as someone shares my experience

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