Speaking as a trained artist & cartoonist of some 20 years

Continuing the discussion from [Can you figure out what’s wrong with this picture of a half-naked 16 year-old girl with breast implants the size of her head?]

… who passed the Bechdel test several times before hearing of it (re: “The Elaborate Art of Play”*), I can’t see a single thing wrong with that portrait. That woman has modified herself & chooses to be attired like that, to show off her immunity to whatever energy she carries in that weightless slow-motion whip her hand cyborgs into. Duh.

*In which Tuyen turns the holo level from three to two, turns on a level 4 face of her male boss, and this talks briefly with a hermaphroditic blob, then her female friend Marta, briefly, about whist, which is a variation of bridge, played with a tarot deck. She then talked about the boss monster, which is a neuter robot. They then proceded to resolve the plot with each other.

I randomized the gender, species, & planet of each critter, as I plotted.

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