This frozen yogurt store offers the best discounts around


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What Genius! That’s the person that should be running the USA. In my humble opinion.


I prefer to look at it as “For only 25% more, you do not have to perform the Michael Jackson Thriller dance.”


I wonder how often Seinfeld minor characters are in D.C.


Confused. Does this place sell yogurt or pasta?


I have a recipe for that.





Please send $10 to blah blah blah, and I’ll get it right out to you in the US mail!


My first thought was, what if you order a flavor named after someone else for 30 consecutive days? Then I realized they’d probably compromise by picking another unnamed flavor to name after you.

My second thought was…how many different flavors could I get named after me?


I hear their “Old Yogurt” is a big seller.


But are we talking Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or the Nicolas Cage movie trivia here?


Yes, but I do have to wonder: do you have to order the unnamed flavor? (Spend 30 days trying to decide “What is this, anyway? Is that rhubbarb? Are the blue piece bubblegum or candy?”)


Well, it’s not bubblegum…


(because it’s super important, and someone has to!) I’m pretty sure they should have used “e.g.” (for example) rather than “i.e.” (that is) here.


The fro-yo store near me has a “Guess the /exact/ price of your frozen yogurt and get it FREE” promotion. As the chicklet at the register is inevitably on her phone (she be all InstaSnapBook bitches!) I manage to: Remove a digital food scale from my messenger bag, set it on the counter, power it up, weigh my dessert, yank out my phone, fire up my calculator, perform TWO calculations and then approach the counter and say, “Do you mean with sales tax or without sales tax?”

Anyway… free fro-yo. Yum.


Step 1: Suggest new flavor [Your Name]
Step 2: Order yogurt for 30 consecutive days
Step 3: Get yogurt flavor named after you

Free discount for life!


The fact they wrote “we’ll name a flavor after you” instead of “the flavor” makes it look like they’ve very savvily predicted you guys getting clever.


Hah, I remember this type of a discount list from the Baltimore location. :slight_smile:


Too many spunk-flavored yogurt-varieties would make me uneasy.


How about Wonder Squid flavored?

(Yes, I know, this is an extremely obscure reference, even for this place.)