Watch how kimbap is made

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It’s good. For a family of 4, 2 rolls make a good portion of an “emergency meal” that can be slapped together out of microwaving some stuff, veggies, and various leftovers.

They are essentially a much healthier, tastier microwave meal/snack than the hot-pockets, lean cuisines, and frozen burritos that currently dominate that grocery store price-point.


I’ve been looking for it for months, asking the poor Trader Joe’s workers at my local store almost every time I visited if it was in stock. I even searched for it recently when I visited my son in Silver Lake, to no avail.


If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s you can also get a variety of fresh and frozen kimbap at your local Asian grocery store. I’m heading there next to see what I can find!

Ah, okay. I was gonna say, why not just go to H Mart? You can get it fresh, and with differing ingredients, and you don’t need to (say WHAT NOW?!) microwave it?!


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2 minutes according to the linked video (at the end, includes lip-smacking)

maybe this was thawing (from frozen) rather than heating?

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Probably so. I would hope that even the uninitiated wouldn’t try eating hot (and thus ruined) kimbap.

Local Korean grocery store to me sells kimbap and other typical Korean foods that were made fresh in the morning. The kimbap i think is 6 bucks, it’s a pretty good amount and very tasty. I also regularly get a glass noodle stir fry that’s like 5 bucks and is a very generous portion.

Anyway, my rec is that making sushi and kimbap is not as complex as it needs to be. I’ve made veggie sushi at home :slight_smile:


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