This gaming mouse pad charges your phone while you play


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Oh, that’s just setting up your phone to be swiped from the desk…


Or have beer spilled on it.


“Gaming mousepad” made by non-gamers for we’re not sure who.


(From back when optical mice were novel and needed special reflective metal mouse pads with tiny dots for tracking)


What’s next, a gaming keyboard with a Kindle Stand in the middle so you can read and play games at the same time?




this could be kinda useful if you also had a wireless mouse which charges over Qi. I wonder if such a thing exists?


It’s like whoever designed it has never used a mouse or seen one being used, especially by someone playing a game.

That, or the people that are stuck designing these low-tier “gamer” products are just seeing what they can get away with. Remember “gamer” energy drinks and “gamer” snacks?


I’m practicing my flick-aim. Hold on while I pick up my mouse to re-center it.


I prefer throwing it away and just using the surface of your desk instead. Like, literally nothing, (as in; not having the thing) can improve a mouse pad.


Qi charging for wireless mice make so much sense yet very few companies have done it, but there are some examples.


You might not think much could be done to improve the humble mouse pad…



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