This "Gen Z Translation" of HARRY POTTER is a total vibe

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I can’t even.


No “Millenial pauses” there.


I believe, based on my old-man understanding of twitter memes, that the term is now “serving.” These books are doomed to be outdated as soon as the ink is dry. Such is the struggle of the cultural satirist. There has to be some Muphry’s type law that says as soon as you try to satirize newspeak you just make yourself look old. But probably the target audience isn’t gen-Z anyway for this type of project, but for the generation juuust before to get a chuckle of non-recognition recognition. Anyway, zoomers are probably like 35 now, right?


It’s a shame that a whole generation of kids identify so strongly with the work of a hateful, vile woman. I dream of a world where Harry Potter’s signal stops being boosted constantly from every corner of culture, but I know that world will never exist.

If Zoomers want to live up to their claimed woke cred, they’d make every character trans just to piss her off.


Just gonna throw this out here.


“I speak jive…”

Eh, brah.


I’d be perfectly happy if Harry Potter lived on while Joanne became progressively irrelevant and ignored, in direct proportion to how hard she scrambles for attention.

Almost like a slow-acting curse, targeted to deny them the thing they want most, farther away the more desperately the grasp for it.


Many artists, while creating significant works, were total dicks taken outside the context of their art. The question is if the works can be separated from the creators’ bad attitudes.


There is also so question of how socially correct a given work has be before it’s seen as acceptable. As stated above, Hamilton is criticized for being “problematic” about several topics. In these times it seems art must conform to a certain set of sociopolitical ideas in order to be ok. Should it fail to hit all of the correct checkboxes, out it goes, along with its creator(s).

Uh, Hamilton is readily accessible on a quite popular streaming service and Miranda is still getting work.


In past times we had Gary Glitter, Bill Cosby and Jimmy Savile.

Which world do you want?


All of those men committed crimes against women and children. Their art wasn’t what was criticized.the complaints about Hamilton that I’ve seen are saying that the play doesn’t deal with slavery correctly. I’ve not heard complaints about Miranda himself yet.

I was so keen on finally getting around to watching that, but I couldn’t find a version that was complete, or properly synced up with the original film with the original soundtrack. Maybe I was too picky.

Anyway, anyone else remember the LOLCat Bible?


Miss me with all that harry potter shit.


As might be expected, in this respect Chuck Tingle has proven himself a better human than these Zoomers, and, in fact, most people generally.


You’re dogwhistling isn’t as quiet as you think it is. This isnt a matter of the woke police cancelling anything that isn’t politically correct (or, sorry, “socially correct”), it’s a matter of either simply recognizing and acknowledging the serious flaws in popular and influential works of art, or, when necessary recognizing when such works (and their popularity) are causing harm.

Sanitizing American history by converting a bunch of white slaveholding ghouls into cool POC rappers rather than, you know, actually centering the lives of actual POC from that time, perpetuates harmful cultural habits of hagiography of the founding fathers, and erasure of POC from history (it’s also corny as shit, but that’s another matter).
Telling a moralizing children’s story peppered with fatphobic and racist nonsense, and having proceeds from the large-scale marketing of that story empower a rich, influential person to make statements that put trans kids in physical and emotional peril is obviously dangerous.

It’s not about ‘correctness’ but minimizing harm. Are you also one of the libertarian types who think seatbelt laws have ruined the great American automotive tradition, too?


Opinions like this are based on a really shitty false premise— that not being a dick is some impossibly high bar. If you can’t manage to make art without clearing that very very low bar, then maybe your voice isn’t interesting. How about that?


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