This guy can jump onto raw eggs without breaking them

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They say a single egg supports a bit over 5 pounds, and the chemist very carefully steps onto 24 eggs.

Lan Gunangping on the other hand lands on four eggs, which appear to support his weigh, which most likely is significantly more than 20 pounds. According to he background video, that shouldn’t be possible.

I guess the secret is this: Lan steps onto the eggs the moment in his jump where he is approximately weightless.

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That’s reasonable but at some point all of his weight must be supported.

It seems the Science Channel video was not entirely accurate—an egg can support much more than 5 pounds.


I assume it also depends on the egg‘s geometry and thickness of the shell.

And where on the surface of the egg the load is placed, and whether it is spread over an area. Those shoes appear to have very soft soles, and the eggs are sitting in cradles which spread the load on the bottom.

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