This guy makes good covers of Beach Boys songs

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The video cracked me up.

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This is great, but kinda puzzling. I’ve had a hard time digging up anything about this guy, which adds to the mystery. His odd phrasing and pronunciation makes it seem like he’s Eastern European, but his YouTube page makes it apparent that he’s very American. A couple of comments that I’ve found on various threads claim that he’s on the autistic spectrum, which could explain the phrasing and the odd choices of tempo on some of his songs. (Not too mention the weird video visuals.) Still, it’s all pretty impressive, especially the way he accurately nails the sounds in the instrumental tracks.


Quite the musician, but where he really shines is that stage presence.

But no, I will not make any ginger jokes about No-Soul Music. Because that would be wrong.

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Nawww! He is the human form of a puppy climbing stairs


I checked out a few more vids, when he is a bit more comfortable in his own skin, he’s going to be a monster. I look forward to seeing what years of Beach Boys and The Doors covers has done to whatever original music he writes.


This is fucking awesome.

I hope he doesn’t grow too tall. If he does, there is a genuine risk his career could be wasted on modelling gigs. In the ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ video he looks like Eddie Tremayne’s hot younger brother.


Clearly the last thing in the world he wishes is that he could be a California girl. This poor young man’s facial expressions lead me to think he has been taken to the beach against his will, and is trying to send us coded messages through his music.

I foresee a bunch of songs about a certain Steven King novel ahead…

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